Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Unique Eco-Discipleship Retreat Hosted at Camp Emmaus

Camp was likely one of the first places where you had the opportunity to explore the values of biblical earthkeeping. Whether it was activities like participating in worship outdoors, composting food scraps, or learning how to “leave no trace” while hiking in the woods; each experience left an indelible imprint on your faith formation.

Outdoor Ministry Association Board members Jonathan Stauffer and Randall Westfall have come to believe that living attuned with God’s creation is now essential to our discipleship with Jesus. In recent years, we have rediscovered just how attuned to creation Jesus was. His teachings often made a point by drawing on the natural world around him. He knew God’s wisdom came from these encounters and sought them out intentionally. He sought the solace of the wilderness, the sea, the mountain, and the garden to regenerate his ministry and mission. Jesus was drawing on a blueprint as old as creation itself.

As a result, Jonathan and Randall have crafted an innovative weekend retreat entitled “Cultivating a Verdant Faith.” Sessions are scheduled for March 8 - 10 in the winter retreat lodge at Camp Emmaus. Each day weaves eco-practices into the fabric of one’s discipleship and spiritual formation with Christ. By exploring the four directions of eco-discipleship, along with bible study, worship, and group discussions; participants will unearth their relationship with creation in new and profound ways. Ages 18 and up, are invited to unplug and rediscover the eco-blueprint of faith that our Creator gave us.

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If you’re interested in registering for this unique spiritual formation experience, please read the brochure. You may contact retreat leaders for more event information. CEUs will be available through Brethren Academy. (Note: The retreat needs at least 10 registrants committed by Feb 4 to carry out and is limited to 25 participants.) They hope to see you at Camp Emmaus in March 2019!

Contact info:             Email:                                                 Phone:
Jonathan Stauffer                     (815) 973-0247
Randall Westfall         (231) 867-3618

Please complete brochure flap, tear it off and send the slip to:
Jonathan Stauffer
506 S Franklin Ave
Polo, IL 61064

Checks for the retreat can be made payable to Jonathan Stauffer.

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